Kurzweil KP70

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Kurzweil KP70

The Kurzweil KP70 is portable arranger interactive keyboard with wide range of sounds and styles.
Enjoy a wide range of acoustic and electronic sound selections, featuring pianos, organs, guitars, strings, and synths. Use the dual function to combine various sounds, like piano and strings.
Built-in, interactive patterns are offered in a variety of musical genres, putting a whole backing band at your finger tips to play along with.
With the easy-to-use song recording features, you can record your own keyboard performances.
Housed in an attractive synth style chassis the KP70 comes complete with a detachable music stand and built-in 2 x 3 W stereo sound system. Powered by wall AC or battery power, you're ready-to-go for either home or portable use.
The sleek control panel and clear multifunctional LCD display provide quick access to all system functions.

Parameters and specifications 
Keys Number 
Key Size 
Microphone Input 
Battery Powered 
Storage medium 
21 - 100 
Illuminated keys 

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